Note-Taking as Art

The art of note-taking while running a meeting/conference call is one that’s rarely ever acknowledged.
Yes, friends, I said art.
A skilled and seasoned note-taker is not unlike the conductor of an orchestra. With the wave of his delicate yet powerful baton, a conductor regulates the flow of musical information by artfully directing the execution of notes, precisely inserting well-positioned pauses, and maintaining the rhythm being set by percussion.

The same artfulness and precision are required in order to effectively take notes while running a meeting. You are directing the flow of information from meeting participants, while simultaneously parsing through multiple sources of content and producing useful and meaningful notes. You take a bunch of high-level concepts and translate them into what may potentially be the most beautiful data-capture model in existence: The Bulleted List.

(Wow. I AM still high on paint thinner. But that’s a different story for later)

So, next time you see a set of clear, useful, and detailed notes, make sure to thank the person who took them! It really does make our day.

(Also, while I’m at it, DO always respond to meeting invites. Seriously.)

(Oh, and yes, your intuition was totally right. I know nothing about orchestras.)


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