Preschooler Car Talk

In the car, on the way home from work/school about 2 weeks ago.
“Yes baby?”
“Where you get me from?”
Half-distracted, thinking about home-ownership, the state of the real estate market, and how anxious I was to get home,
“I just picked you up from school, ma..”
“No. When I was a baby, where you get me from?”
Well, you were in my tummy.”
“Who put me dere?”
Smiling, “Your baba did.”
Wheels turning in his head, pausing for a moment, “Mama?”
“How someone put a baby in someone’s tummy?”
Jaw slightly ajar, eyes searching my baby’s face in the rearview mirror (he’s grown oh-so-much, oh-so-quickly), silent with awe.
“Darling. You’re going to have to have a talk with your daddy.”
“OK!” Resumes shooting imaginary spider webs out of his wrists, complete with sound effects and squinting eye laser action.
On the way home after dinner tonight.
“Guess what da cow does, mama”
“What does the cow do?”
“It chew grass, den kick it back up, and den it chew da grass again”
Daddy says “Son, did you just explain regurgitation to us?”

“I tink so.”
“I do, too, son.”
He’s three.
And a half.

And I’m in love.
And a half.


2 Responses to Preschooler Car Talk

  1. Angela says:

    Ridiculously cute! Read this over the phone to hubby and got a huge kick out of it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. rodney says:

    Noah’s physical growth is normal, but his mind is growing at warp speed.

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