Lazy Susan

That must be my favorite name for an inanimate object in the world right now.

“Lazy Susan”.

Here’s mine, just recently purchased, being utilized on my countertop. (Reason being, the people who built this place thought cabinet space meant room for two plates and a spoon.)

My Lazy Susan

Countertop accessibility

I love her. She’s so round and quick to turn around, with a mere flick of a wrist.

You are sassy, little miss Susan!

Welcome, Sassy Susan, to your new home where you will help make things so much more accessible!

I spent most of my day scrubbing, cleaning, and then, my absolute favorite: ORGANIZING! YIPPEEEE!

Today, I decided it was finally time. Time to pamper myself by putting things in sleek-looking containers, storage units, and boxes. The organization frenzy started in our 3.5 year-old’s closet, winding its way around to the bathroom, living room, and ending with a flourish in the kitchen. My pantry is no longer a bio hazard area.

Allow me to share a (badly lit) glimpse into the inside of my fridge, which also received a portion of the organization wizardry.

It might not look pretty to you, but believe you me, compared to the bachelor pad it was looking like before, it can now be likened to a Martha Stewart organization masterpiece.

Organized Chaos

Ok I take back the reference to Martha Stewart. No offense, Martha. Can I still read your magazine? And idolize your perfect fitted sheet folding skills? (Seriously, WHY is that so hard for me? They always come out with uneven bulges here and there, no matter how hard I try to emulate your process! You are truly a sheet-folding goddess).

Ok, the real reason I posted that picture is that our fridge will never look like this again.  *sigh*

And now, good night. I’m tired after all that organizing.

(And just in case you didn’t hear me the first time…..YIPPEEEE!)


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