Virtual Dinner Party!

Ok, I know part of the jittery chipper happy excitement I feel about this idea MUST have to do with: a) It’s Friday, and b) I had a triple-shot coffee drink this a.m, and c) I’m hungry

I posted a facebook update today to friends and family all over the world saying “Let’s have a virtual dinner party! I’ll cook!” The responses made me think of something else – I doubt I’ll get much response (since it’s obviously driven by partial insanity as explained in bullet points a, b, and c above), but!

Anyone reading this is invited to the virtual dinner party tonight! Let’s all get together, even if it’s in our thoughts, and have a blast!

If you plan on coming, leave a comment saying what you’re contributing, and I’ll compile the list together at the end of the day and make a post with some pictures that we can feast our eyes on, if nothing else!


(Delirious crazy-woman laughter).

And now, I will get back to this project update at hand, and let you all get creative! (you know you want to!)


3 Responses to Virtual Dinner Party!

  1. halasaleh1 says:

    Ok I’ll start – herb-crusted salmon with lemon pine-nut couscous!

  2. Eid says:

    Hummus toped with roasted pine nuts and shawerma chicken slices. I hope I am not too late for dinner. I had a terrible sinus and got knocked out by Claritin. I just got up with a growling stomach and coicidently found your invite as I was wondering through facebook allies. Ya rayt law te3maleelna chai belna3na3 after dessert 3ashan nrakez me3detna

  3. Naelya says:

    I feel like sushi. All sorts of sushi. Sashimi as well. I won’t be making it, but I know a good place in The Hague, I can get a couple of big boxes for everybody.
    P.S. My mom proposed making “hareeseh” for desert. I’ll bring it too.

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