Shoe Shopping as Therapy

What IS it about shopping for shoes (online or otherwise) that is SO therapeutic? After a particularly challenging week, all I have the energy for tonight has been surfing the web, looking at fabulous, pointy, round-toe, shiny, non-shiny, yummy, shoes.

Thank you, Internet, for allowing me to put these little delights in my online  shopping bag with reckless abandon, only to cheat you moments later by casually closing my browser window as if nothing had ever happened between us! You are truly my no-strings-attached shoe addiction buddy.

Check it out (No I’m not getting paid for any of this, *SIGH*) :) Also, you may notice the styles are kind of on the conservative work-attire style side. That’s what my constraints are right now, but still! Joy! And heels! I kind of retired from heels for a while but now I’m back (kind of – I still wear flip flops to and from and inside the car. Thank you for that, San Diego. You taught me the joy of toe freedom).

Exhibit A: (But I want them in just the plain gray) 

And check this beauty. Her coloring is so fantastical: Jessica Bennett Norah pump.

And finally: J Renee Catrice pump

 Aaaah. I feel better already.

Oops! Just clicked the little X on the right-hand corner of that browser window that said “Nordstrom” and “Shopping bag” at the top.

Time for bed.


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