Playing Favorites

We are now at that delightful “Favorites” phase of preschooler-hood. The one where it REALLY matters what one’s favorite color, food, superhero character, fruit, car, etc all are. You get the picture. Easy, fun phase to share with my growing child, right?

WRONG! Because guess what? Now that he knows about favorites, he wants to know all about what mine are! And friends, that is a problem. Because this one here, the one whose words you’re reading (and thank you for that by the way, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!), has recently realized that she has major committment issues. And yes, those issues apply to something as trivial as choosing a favorite color. I mean, what if a better one comes strolling along one day, and I’ve already tethered myself to YELLOW? Or worse, what if the anxiety rising in my throat as he keeps asking me repeatedly “What color, mama, What color?! Mama? What COLORRRRRRRR??” drives me to choose that pukey shade of green?

So for that reason, I’ve chosen to stop choosing a favorite ANYTHING. You know, in case something better comes along. Exceptions:

– My husband: I married him. So yeah. He gets to be my favorite husband.

– My kid: Yeah, no-brainer.

– Brad Pitt: Obvious.

– All of you: My favorite blog readers. BBRFs (Best Blog Reader Friends)

And now I shall stop spewing noise into the universe, and go eat my favorite snack! (Which is…. I seriously have no clue)


3 Responses to Playing Favorites

  1. rodney says:

    Favorite place to live??

  2. Dina says:

    It’s great to have you back:) I am a mother of two now trying to organize everything…and my favorites (food, color, movie, friends…) are those of my kids…strange how they control our lives in a way that we don’t realize….but hey…who cares…I am happy with my kids and that’s what counts…or what do you think….

  3. halasaleh1 says:

    Rodney – ouch. :) You’re right, I DO have a favorite place to live. SD BABY!
    Dina – SO great to hear from you! I agree with you totally, I was just exaggerating on how I noticed my reaction to having to choose favorites. Maybe it’s partially the pressure of choosing the right answer? ;) Like getting that 100% on a test?

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