Spell/Language-Check Death Match

This morning, I hang my head in grammatical shame.
The reason?
Today, I lost a battle with MS Office Spell/Language Check. Granted, it was an email and so I wasn’t as cautious as I normally am, but still! I shouldn’t have let it happen.
I had barely finished typing my sentence before he shot one of his fatal red squigglies at me, smugly pointing out that my comma needed to be changed to a semi-colon.

Our death match has been going on for years, now. I point and laugh when Office tries to tell me I don’t know how to spell my own name, or can’t recognize my clever transliterations. Hah! So inexperienced and Anglo-centric! You need to travel more, Mr. Office.
Enjoy this small victory, sir. For I am still the reigning Queen of Spelling, and you will not bring me down with your squigglies, be they green or red!

This war is not over.


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