Arabic Books for Kids!

Today, I happened to stumble upon a webpage that I’m so excited to share. The website/blog Read Kutub KIDS is a fabulous resource for parents and families interested in children’s books authored in Arabic. This blog describes itself as a “sister” blog to another great blog called Arabic Literature (In English) which features book reviews and other Arabic literature-related content.

Personally, I can’t wait to go through and read each of these blogs in detail, and get some ideas for more books to request for my son as well as some ideas for my own reading as well.
(Every time my parents ask what they should send me from Amman, my first answer is a consistent “Kids’ books! Good ones!” Of course that’s quickly followed with “Za’tar (dried thyme), Ba’laweh (a.k.a Baklava), Turkish coffee, and Meeramiyyeh (sage)”!)

One book I’m already excited to read is Sinan Antoon’s The Pomegranate Alone. Read an excerpt here. Trust me, it won’t disappoint.

Of course, the website with the excerpt of The Pomegranate Alone, Jadaliyya is another one I am totally excited to spend many hours reading ASAP!

Happy exploring!


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