Winter Rhymes with Brr

Thought I was an early bird
Until I tried to run
Before 5 in the morning –
It wasn’t really fun

Topsy-turvy went my belly
As dinner was still there
My legs were total jelly
My face a vacant stare

I really am attempting
To sleep an extra blink
But rest is secondary
With dishes in the sink

The cold months are a’ comin’
The rain is pouring down
The snow, the sludge, oh joy is me
If joy came with a frown

I guess the winter’s not all bad,
This year there’s something more
A little boy, so patiently waiting
Since soon he will be Four.


4 Responses to Winter Rhymes with Brr

  1. rodney says:


    There once was a princess i knew
    And i watched as her little boy grew
    Although my heart is filled with pity
    Since they both live in Salt Lake City
    Her poem has inspired me anew

  2. Randa says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA…You two are too funny!

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