Preschooler Car Talk – 10/27/10

Mood elevated, his little bottom twitching in his car seat. Not out of impatience, but because that’s the only way he can ‘dance’ to the music coming from the radio while strapped in oh-so-tight (I do not mess around with car seat straps. Mama means business).

This time I’m sitting in the back too, taking a break from driving, letting the Daddy take the wheel. So, I twitch in my seat as well, encouraging this rare moment of no inhibition.

“Mama LOOK!”, jabbing at the air with his finger, back and forth, back and forth, pointing towards his window.

“Whose airplane is DAT, Mama?! Zee*??”
(*Zee is my 20 year-old brother who currently has possession of a favorite Spiderman toy, which he is bringing back to its rightful owner this Thanksgiving. Needless to say, someone is a bit impatient to get his Spiderman back, and thus every airplane in the sky holds the promise of Zee coming to visit.)

Feeling playful, I say “Maybeeeee… Dora!”

Playing along, “Maybeeeeee.. Puppy*!”
*Puppy is a stuffed toy that has been his companion and soul mate ever since the day he was born. We used to be concerned that he loved Puppy more than he loves us.
Now, we just accept it.

For no reason whatsoever I say “Maybeeeeee… Obama!”

One look at his face and I knew it was Game Over. The scowl quickly replaced his smiles, and he had the you-can’t-fool-me look on his face.
“NoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO!”, tone rising, righteousness growing.
“Um..” ????? Me, confused
Huffing and puffing, “Dere’s no White Houses heeere!!!”

Well then touche, Mr. Smarty Pants.
What you don’t know is that there also aren’t any Democrats here either, which only serves to strengthen your argument. ;)


One Response to Preschooler Car Talk – 10/27/10

  1. bluecurl3 says:

    That little man is so smart it’s scary. Gosh i miss him so.

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