Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, we went on a mini road trip and spent a couple of days in Moab, Utah. Before I share some of the pictures I must note some odd similarities between the region of the Middle East I come from and this, er, unique state within the US of A – Utah.

As soon as we landed here I realized the Biblical influence not only in the way of life, but in the names of people and places. There are cities named South Jordan and West Jordan, and sometimes it seems as though every other male’s name is Jordan, too.
The crowning glory of Jordan-inspired names I’ve encountered, however, is someone we met the very first week we arrived: Jordan King.
When he told me his name, I literally just stood there and stared. With my mouth open, eyebrows disappearing into my hairline, and eyes so confused I must have looked like I had momentarily lost my ability to understand the English language. He had no clue what the significance of his name (reversed) was and is in my life and the lives of my family, friends, school mates, and countrymen and women.

Also, similar to the Dead Sea, the great Salt Lake is an enclosed body of water with a high concentration of salts and minerals that eventually will disappear as long as the inflow is less than the amount of water evaporating.

I won’t go into drawing the Mormon-Muslim parallels because, well, let’s just leave that for another time.

The trip to Moab this past weekend was remarkable in many ways, firstly simply because of the amazing scenery and nature, and secondly because of how it was reminiscent of the terrain, color, and nature of the rocks in the mountainside of Petra.

And now I will stop talking and let you see for yourself!


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