Coffee Break

If you know me, you will not believe what I’m about to say. And even if you don’t know me that well, you may have read one of my many love letters to coffee at some point.

I have an announcement to make.

Friends and fellow coffee-lovers, I will no longer be partaking in the universal morning ritual of coffee-drinking. (Morning?! HAH! Any moment of the night or day is more accurate in my case).
Yes, indeed, I have quit. Cold-turkey. COLD. TURKEY.

And do you know what the best part of cold turkey is?

Withdrawal symptoms! Yay!

What, you think it ends with the headaches? Oh no. There are night sweats, appetite fluctuations, and a general crankiness that makes PMS look like a walk in the park.

Be glad you don’t live in our house this week.

*Disclaimer: I do not make any claims or guarantees regarding the permanency of this caffeine-free existence.
I’m just sayin’. Just so you don’t call me a liar someday.


9 Responses to Coffee Break

  1. bluecurl3 says:

    Why?? Recent health studies have shown that one or two cups of coffee a day are good for you.

    • halasaleh1 says:

      I can’t seem to handle all the caffeine stimulation anymore! So far so good :)
      Kinzi – I KNOW. No worries, Cafe Lulu will always serve coffee to others, and may partake in a cup now and then herself. :)
      Also, meat went out the window a long time ago! Kinzi – I’ve moved to Salt Lake City – long story I’ll tell you later
      Wintersamar – thanks!! So glad you visited and left a comment. :)

      • kinziblogs says:

        Hala, UTAH???? 3anjad???? Yes, do tell the story! From La La Land to Mormon Land.

        So, habeebti, how to you make ma’luubeh w/o meat? What DOES your hubby say? (oh, I know…you probably already linked to Mimi Cooks and all her fabulous vegetarian recipes, sa7?)

        Truth be told, I am only drinking two cups a day in the morning. No more cola, and just a diet 7UP with popcorn and juice for movie night.

      • wintersamar says:

        I’m glad I did visit! :)

  2. kinziblogs says:

    “Cafe” Lulu? Giving coffee? Living in California is affecting you! Whats next, meat adn Happy Meals? ;)

    Mabruuk ilik. It must be a little like Ramadan, without the hunger pangs.

  3. wintersamar says:

    Good Luck with going cold turkey. I hope it works out!

  4. Michelle says:


    I think you have lost it again. Remember that time in college when you tried to quit coffee? You got such bad headaches that you even lost your appetite. Your face went completely pale and the sadness in your eyes was reminiscent of that in the eyes of the less cute dogs in animal shelters. Stop the madness, my dear. Coffee loves you.

    • halasaleh1 says:

      I remember that! Especially the eyes looking like those of the less cute dogs in shelters. But I think I need an Intervention. You interested in Utah Ski season? :)

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