Why, hello there! Nice to see you again.
Where have I been, you ask?
Well, I’ve been hiding under the covers, hibernating. Sleeping off the cold, trying to escape the inevitable freeze of the Utah winter. We’ve already seen snow a few times, and we’re now scrambling to make sure we’re each appropriately prepared with more layers of clothing than we would have all worn collectively as a family back in Southern Cali. *sigh*

I have to admit, I do enjoy actually having a valid reason for pulling on knee-high boots, and wearing sweater tights with snazzy-looking dresses.

This past week was another ~60 hour work-week for me. I know many of you probably work similar or more hours per week, but it’s been a challenge to keep up my domesticity (i.e. sparkling-home syndrome) and parenting standards. I’ve allowed my child to consume a less than ideal diet on more occasions than I like to admit, and I’ve gone for longer stretches than my normal 2-3 days between bathroom and kitchen scrub-downs. I guess it’s all a part of adapting, but some days, the guilt just eats at me. Mostly, it’s the guilt of not spending enough time with my son than I feel is right. I leave before he wakes, and pick him up after he’s been wiped out by the day. (Of course, by the time we get home and get some food in him, he turns into a hyperactive monkey, using the sofas as trampolines).

Anyway, there goes another week, and I have nothing interesting to contribute. But I will be back, with new content! That is a promise. Just as soon as I get over my 10-hour sleep stretches. (For serious, I slept 10 hours last night. I NEVER sleep more than 6 hours. I guess I’m not a cold-weather creature).


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