Harry Potter Madness

So, out of pure, dumb luck, I got invited to a pre-screening of the latest Harry Potter movie. I tell you, I gots friends in high places. So, with a mixture of shame and slight satisfaction, I declare that I am a participant in Harry Potter Madness!

Ok, to be honest, I have no clue what the name of this latest installment is, and I’ve never seen any of the other Harry Potter movies, either. I tried (really hard and after the encouragement of people at work) to read the books but only got through the first one, and maybe a quarter of the second.

Who am I to forego a free, after-dark outing with a good friend that involved dinner beforehand?! And, regardless of the actual movie, it was at a MOVIE THEATER, which used to be my weekend hangout. This was before kids, of course.

Even after kids (well, kid), we were still able to go see a movie every now and then through the generosity and help of good friends who would shoo us out the door and tell us to “just go have a good time!”. And we did! Alas, we have not yet fallen to our knees and begged anyone we’ve met out here for that type of favor, as we are still in the delicate relationship-forming stage where a night left alone with our Spiderman may end up causing irreparable damage. (This is why you don’t move after you’ve had children and have secured free babysitting from multiple sources :) Especially when you can return the favor to those sources by either: a) Cooking a simple dinner and inviting them over, or b) Babysitting in return!)

So, I went. And ate. And drove around for half an hour before and after the movie looking for parking, since apparently the whole city was at the movies that night trying to secure tickets to the midnight screening of Harry Potter, 2010 version. We dove into the darkened theater a few minutes after the movie had started, quickly saw that it was completely packed, and proceeded to sit in the only empty seats in the house. Three feet away from the screen. My eyes are still recovering, and I think I’m done puking from all the motion sickness.

Fast forward a few minutes into the movie, and there’s me, sitting there with my mouth open, surrounded by the sound of teenage girls giggling with utter delight at references that made no sense to me. It was like a series of inside jokes that I was not privy to, making me feel both old and… old.

Still, it was fun. Going out was fun. Dinner was good, the company was great, and going to the movies after such a long absence was refreshing. Also, the movie was definitely not bad! It made me determined to figure out a way for me and the hub to go out and see more movies.

Wish us luck! Babysitters, make yourselves known! You will be adequately compensated with food and cookies!


4 Responses to Harry Potter Madness

  1. rodney says:

    a night left alone with your ‘spiderman’ while you’re at a movie would be a slice of heaven.

  2. kinziblogs says:

    Welcome to ‘old’. :)

    Love the babysitting conundrum. Find a couple other families in your situation and swap :) With boys, it IS harder, but if there are other couples with young boys, they get it. Doesn’t work with girls.

    • halasaleh1 says:

      Kinzi – I will work on it! Haven’t had time to socialize yet in this new town and with our crazy schedules, I’m hoping it’s just a matter of time and it will work itself out. Alternately, a co-worker suggested we buy a sheep dog since they’re good at protecting children. I don’t think I’ll be following his advice ;)

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