Cake Wars

At our house, there is an ongoing rivalry about a highly important, life or death topic: Dessert Superiority. In a nutshell, the man of this house believes chocolate (dark) reigns supreme over all other forms of sweet treats. If (hypothetically) I were to offer to make dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate chip cookies, or brownies every single day, not only would he not object, but he would probably think he died and went to Dessert (and Perfect Wife) heaven.

I say, yuck. I can sometimes appreciate a bite or two of a high-quality chocolate something, but generally, chocolate and I are not tight. (Thank you, taste buds). To me, a yogurt parfait, some kind of fruity tart/cake, carrot, banana, or zucchini bread all leave chocolate in their dust.

This morning I was feeling generous (and selfish), so I decided that I would go the extra mile. Instead of choosing to only making a chocolate cake (which I knew would please the boys), I also made something I knew I would enjoy, too. That something ended up being a mixed berry upside-down cake.

So, this time, we had something for everyone. Here’s a really bad picture, taken with my phone:

The berry cake was DIVINE. Chocolate cake: I heard it was good, I guess it’s all relative.

So in a desperate (a.k.a pathetic) attempt to gain more than 2.5 regular commenters (and because I’m falling asleep while typing this, and I don’t think it’s responsible to post a recipe while I’m sleepy – what if I forget something and contribute to my husband’s theory about women always leaving something out so nobody else can quite replicate their cooking?! I would never live it down), I am going to ask the following:
1- Which of the above (chocolate or berry cake) do you prefer?
2- Are you interested in the recipe?

3- If so, leave a comment and I’ll post the recipe ASAP!
(Note: It’s super-easy and super-fast, and you can easily halve or double the recipe.)


7 Responses to Cake Wars

  1. nido says:

    Chocolate Cake please :) I only make the REALLY easy and fast desserts, otherwise I’d just get the mixes from the store!
    ** I enjoyed cafe lulu and I am enjoying halistic even more :)

    • halasaleh1 says:

      Thanks for the comment, Nido! You are totally getting the chocolate cake recipe, and I will simplify it as much as possible, AND it will be named in your honor for leaving the first comment. ;) I am so glad you are enjoying halistic, that makes it worthwhile!

      • nido says:

        Now that would be a big honor!!
        Well, if you give me the simple recipe I promise to make the cake and post about it too, with better pictures! ;)

      • halasaleh1 says:

        LOL – I will post the recipe soon (stuck @ work right now). You made me laugh with your better pictures comment, and I’m so sure yours will be superior that I might just stop posting pictures altogether ;)

  2. Angela says:

    I am with you Hala, berry ANYTHING always trumps chocolate. Please please please post recipe (and drop a piece in the mail while you are at it!). Love it!

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