Project! (Part I)

I love projects! As you can tell, I am into Project Management (it’s kind of my job), and being that I am a total nerdy nerd, I love many of the different aspects involved in initiating and managing a project all the way through to execution, like organizing, coordinating, fitting together many moving pieces to build the bigger picture, working with groups ranging from Technical, to Marketing, to Customer Service, to Legal/Compliance, etc. (Also, if you’ve read any of these posts, you know I love taking notes. Totally weird.)
And yes, notes and lists are totally utilized when I start a project at home, too. Like the “Cleaning out the Closet” project, or the “Reorganizing the Kitchen Cabinets” project. You get the idea.

I know. Nerd.

So, I currently have a project in the works that I’m pretty excited about! Today is when we get the Go/No-Go determination on whether or not the project is moving forward, and at that point I’ll be able to share additional details.

More later!


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