Project! (Part II) – The Announcement

So hey, guess what?!

We got the Green light on that project I talked about earlier today here! The project is formally a go, and I can now share details!

Project Introduction:

The target Go-Live date for this project is June 2011, and the project is being called “Operation Siblings”.

Currently, things look a little like this:

Current Status:

This project announcement should explain most, if not all, of the following phenomena:
Coffee Break
Sleep Rehab
Winter Rhymes with Brr (the tummy going topsy-turvy part)

It also explains why my head has been seeing the inside of a toilet much more frequently than I ever would have imagined.

Oh yes, there is much of that going on. I haven’t complained much about it yet, but please be prepared for lengthy descriptions of the ways in which my current superhuman sense of smell makes toothpaste taste like poison. And how I can smell each and every single person or inanimate object around me, and distinguish each of them with my eyes closed.

All I’m saying is, be prepared. I have a lot to tell, and it’s not all pretty.

Except, hearing the baby’s heartbeat today was a moment I will cherish forever. The doctor tried to warn me that sometimes they don’t catch the heartbeat very easily, and sometimes not at all unless it’s with the fancy-shmancy $500,000 machine.
HAH! Was he WRONG, or WHAT?!

As soon as he put his little heartbeat monitor thing on my belly, our ears were suddenly filled with the thunder of a thousand horses galloping in unison. That baby wanted to be HEARD.
“I am BABY, hear me ROAR.”

And we did. We HEARD.
The doctor was considerate and kind enough to read into my desire to keep listening for a little while longer than necessary, even without me having to ask. It made my day, and as I fought back tears, the doctor (mistake of his life) said, “Sounds like a BOY! He’s showing off already! I’m here I’m here!”

Um, ok mister. We could have been friends. This doctor-patient relationship had potential, from the 20 minutes I spent in your office before you started making gender-biased judgement calls.

This doctor OBVIOUSLY has no clue about how the womens in this family are double motivated compared to the mens, ’cause that’s how we ROLL, YO! And, we have an intrinsic need to prove to the world that whatever the boys can do, we can do it BETTER.

And you better believe it.

You keep working that little heart of yours, baby. I don’t care what you are, you know that. I do care that you know I am starting to fall in love with you.

Just don’t make me crave donuts (at least not too frequently), ok?! Deal?! Awesome. Thanks!

Love, mama


9 Responses to Project! (Part II) – The Announcement

  1. rodney says:

    Awesome!! i predict a little princess – The warrior kind, just like her mother.

  2. Dina says:

    great news I wish you all the best…keep the energy high and hey HIRE A HOUSMAID… you really need a little space for yourself now…As I was pregnant with my little one year old baby girl, Hamza was 5 and I really needed time for myself..time to sleep…time to come from work and have only for me…to calm down before I start (as you describe it) crazy seeking to be the perfekt women….
    BTW girls are great…I love everything about my Jannat…I love buying girls baby outfits and it is really a satisfaction…

  3. kinziblogs says:

    LOVE IT YAHOO! Great news Hala!! No wonder you were quiet when I was bugging you about begat-ing a sibling for your son…he/she was already underway!

  4. halasaleh1 says:

    Thanks all for your excitement and encouragement :)
    @Rodney – I hope you’re right! :) This time we’re actually thinking of not finding out beforehand!!
    @Dina – That’s so great to hear. I will definitely think about getting someone to help – I deserve it, right?!
    @Kinzi – Thanks habibti! :) You’re right, this is why I didn’t respond more “enthusiastically” to your suggestion – I didn’t want to give it away!

  5. nido says:

    Mabroook!! This is blog is going to be a lot of fun ;)
    I remember all the emotional tears dropping while listening to the heartbeats! Just great :) As for the cleaner, I second Dina. I hired a cleaner when I was pregnant with my second girl and I just can’t let her go yet! she comes to my house every Wednesday! Why not?! ;)
    Have a great pregnancy and Best wishes!

  6. wintersamar says:

    Congrats! InshAllah your pregnancy will go smoothly or you just won’t crave as many donuts :)

  7. halasaleh1 says:

    @nido – Thanks! I am glad you’re enjoying the blog :)
    @wintersamar – So far so good, only thing I really want to eat consistently is salads! Thankfully, sweets are one of the things I’m totally turned off by at this phase!

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