Workout Music

So, after 3 days of doing my best to keep my head out of the toilet (lovely image, I know), and getting offended by even the smell of that little plastic cover that goes on top of my cell phone (not to mention the breath of every single human being on the face of this earth), I decided to power through it and go work out this morning at the gym. (Side gripe: Of course that meant waking up at 4 am since I had a 6 am presentation to senior managers. SIX AM?!?!?!? WHO SCHEDULES A PRESENTATION FOR 6 AM?!).

Unfortunately, the selection of music playing at my local gym isn’t always the best or most, uh, recent, and so I usually have to plug in and listen to my own.

Today, however, was an exception! My gym is now following the times, and they blasted a few songs all in a row that were upbeat, more recent than their normal selection, and although not necessarily a sampling of finer musical tastes, definitely got me moving on the elliptical machine. That’s definitely my criteria for good workout/gym music.

One of the songs that played is a song I heard for the first time back in Amman this summer when I was visiting my family. I hadn’t heard it before and haven’t heard it since on the radio waves out here, until this morning! I was excited because even if the song were a total piece of crap (which it isn’t, in my opinion), it holds so many memories of happy times which would make up for any musical/taste deficiencies.

The song is called “Stereo Love” and it’s by Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina. Unfortunately I can’t embed it here, but trust me, it’s worth going to the youtube link.

The other song that’s been getting me moving is the new Black Eyed Peas’ single “The Time (Dirty Bit)”. Really, the best part of the song for me is the funky beat. Makes this old lady’s feet want to forget about aging bones and age-appropriateness, and break out some of her old college dorm party moves.

What? Moves? No you must have heard me wrong. I NEVER went to parties at college, and if I dropped in on one or two by mistake, I always sat meekly and with much reservation in the corner, with my hands folded over my lap, wondering when the torture was going to end.



2 Responses to Workout Music

  1. wintersamar says:

    I love the “Dirty bit” part of that song…it just makes me smile!

    Haha, we were all innocent in college ;)

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