Preschooler Car Talk – 12/7/10

“Mama! I see a policeman!”
“Yeah, I see him too. Check it out, he has his lights on.”
Little mouth open, watching as the police car passes to our right and makes a sharp turn.

“You know what?”
“Today, when I was driving to work, I was going a little too fast, and a policeman caught me! He turned on his lights and I had to stop.”
“He catched you! He went PFOOOOSH! and catched you!”
“Yep. I should be more careful next time and not go too fast.”
“He catched you…”


2 days later, also in the car, with both mama and baba in the car.
Baba on the phone, engrossed in conversation.

“Mama! A policeman!”
“Yep, I see him.”
“Mama! Do police cars have a net that goes PFOOSH! and comes out of the car and PFOOSH! and catches people?!??!!”
“No, sweetie, they don’t have a net.”
“But MAMAAA! You ‘nember you were going SUPER-fast and the police man saw you and catched you?”
Mama glancing nervously to her right, checking to see if baba caught any of the incriminating conversation.
Baba still talking loudly into his phone.
“Umm, yeah I ‘nember. There was no net. Look over there! Do you see that?!”
“What? What mama?”
“Um, look at all those clouds. You think it’s gonna rain?”



2 Responses to Preschooler Car Talk – 12/7/10

  1. rodney says:

    love your short essays involving Noah.

  2. wintersamar says:

    Haha, nice distraction!

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