Fear Not the Resolutions!

It’s 14 degrees Fahrenheit outside. That’s -10 degrees Celcius, for my metric-minded friends. That’s cold. At least to me and my intolerant skin, inherited from an ancestry that comes from some of the warmest geography on Earth.

I found out that being physically cold makes me act cold, too. I get snappy, my fuse gets even shorter than it has been with the roller coaster of pregnancy hormones, and all I want to do is hide under a warm blanket and fantasize about my days living two minutes away from the beach. That’s been a recurring fantasy/dream lately, and my new year’s resolution is thusly the following:

– In 2011, I will make a CONCRETE plan for going back to Southern California. Preferably my old ‘hood, for my feet miss shoving off of my road and knowing that they are only minutes away from the beauty, serenity, and memories of the Pacific Ocean.

While we’re at it, why don’t we add a few more:

– I will choose warmth over fashion.
In the name of being proactive and ridding my family of stinky-mood mama, I will layer on the clothes no matter how chunky and unfashionable I look. Take today, for instance.
Background: Years ago, I promised myself, as a student in mercilessly cold Massachussets, that I would never wear thermal underwear or ANY variation thereof underneath my jeans/pants. Or sacrifice looking good for warmth.
This morning: I looked in my closet for thermal underwear, remembered my promise of years ago and the fact that I don’t HAVE ANY, and promptly rummaged in my drawer for the thickest pair of sweater tights that I own.
Then, with no hesitation, I pulled those suckers on, way up high on my waist so that I looked like an encased sausage (or 65-year old man wearing his pants up to his chin), and wore my jeans right on top.
Sausage legs? Who cares. Today, I am warm. And happy.

– I will figure out a way to spend more time at home, and less time working.
No matter what, I will not end 2011 the same way I am ending 2010: Overworked, over-tired, and ridden with guilt about leaving my child to spend most of his time  with other people, and not enough of his time with me.

– I will prioritize myself more, and do things I love/enjoy doing.
It’s no good for anyone when I don’t allow myself to come first sometimes. Doing everything for everyone is not practical, and I need to learn that doing things for myself is OK.

I will be more healthy
Boy is that a loaded one. :) Mentally and physically, I will focus on health, not how I look or how I am perceived.

I will get my PMP Certification
I’m working on it! Test to be scheduled for March 2011! Wish me luck

– I will do more Yoga.
No elaboration needed.

– I will let my family and friends know I love them
I will be more verbal and expressive about that. I promise.

Have a happy and healthy 2011, everyone! May it be a better year for all of us.


5 Responses to Fear Not the Resolutions!

  1. rodney says:


    Thank you for the divine inspiration.

  2. wintersamar says:

    Good List! I wish you a happy New Year!

    Oh, and buy some thermal underwear!

  3. Abeer says:

    Happy new year:-) Wish all your dreams come true:-)

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