45 Minutes

That’s all I had in between the time I got home tonight from work (at which time my husband and son were already home and looked like they were going to starve, since it’s so hard to start a fire out here in the wilderness where we live, and hunt down some sort of protein form to eat, skin it, clean it out, and cook it over the fire. I mean, that’s the only reason they would look that hungry, right? It’s not like we have a cold box that can store food over the course of days and even WEEKS in the freezer compartment, and a device that actually CREATES fire for you, do we? Someone should invent those things).

So, needless to say, I spent the 45 minutes trying to come up with something for us all to eat before I had to jump on a conference call for a project that I’ve been asked to lead. Unfortunately, the project is so complex and has so many moving parts that it hurts my brain just thinking about it, and the timeline is so short that we were probably already late since the day the project started.
Yes, it’s been a long week.

Thus, you can see how my posts have been dwindling, as has any hope for creativity I’ve ever had (or pretended to have), as also has my patience for anything and everything and anyone.

Except, guess what? Baby is growing at neck-breaking speed and my belly has started to make a clear appearance. This is the phase where people at the gym are usually trying to pretend they’re not staring at me when I’m on the treadmill, wondering if I could really have THAT much of a beer gut (and if maybe I’d just had a few before coming to the gym for a run?) or if I might be carrying some life form in there. I like to make sure to burp a few times as I’m running, just to confuse them even more.

There you go. You should know how much I care about you all since I just spent more time writing this than I have talking with friends and/or family on the phone over the last week.

And now off to get a few hours of sleep before I have to wake up at 4:40 am again.


7 Responses to 45 Minutes

  1. rodney says:

    it saddens me to see you stretched to such extremes. Please try to find some space and time to allow your mind and body to rejuvenate.

  2. Rasha* says:

    I LOVE your writing style…so puts me in the same mood you’re in that i feel i am in a hurry :)
    wish u all the best with the project, home and belly :)

  3. Angela says:

    4:40 is an ungodly hour and no one should have to see it unless they have a small child waking them up. Love you, Hala!

  4. halasaleh1 says:

    lol THANKS Rasha! :) So sweet of you – glad I put you in my same mood although I hope it didn’t last long :)
    Angela – love u too. Hopefully a few more months of this and then.. oh, wait, it WON’T be done, because then I’ll actually have a little one to wake me up at that time too!! :) Oh well, it will be worth it!

  5. wintersamar says:

    I def. dig the burping part! Keep it up! :P

    Oh, and please do take extra care of yourself and your little one inside!

  6. halasaleh1 says:

    hahahaha Samar – I will make sure to let out a few extra burps for you tomorrow on the treadmill ;)

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