Public Property?


Does being pregnant make my belly, which is starting to make a public appearance, public property?! I truly hope this isn’t going to be a trend – I don’t remember it happening the first time around, so maybe the incident I’m about to describe was a fluke? I hope?

So I’m sitting at my desk, headset on my head, just having finished a conference call, and I’m focusing on trying to get the notes wrapped up and sent out.

Then, out of nowhere, into my “cube” (designated area is more accurate) swoops in a co-worker whom I don’t really know that well or really interact with. Before I could gather my wits and absorb the fact that she was in my space, out shoots her hand, headed straight for my belly, and shocking me into a fast, backwards recoiling action.
“You’re SHOWING NOW,” she announces to me and anyone else who wasn’t deaf.

“Um, yeah.” Awkward smile, as my belly can still feel her hand on it even though she long ago retracted it.

“Is that way you’re wearing LOOSE CLOTHES?” she asked, with a slightly smug I-know-what-THAT’S-all-about look on her face.

“Um, yeah.”

Awkward silence.

“It’s just gotten to the point where my regular clothes are sometimes uncomfortable, and I don’t like to be uncomfortable!” turning towards my screen.

More awkward silence.

I look up, wondering why she was still there, standing too close, smiling too smug, almost as though she knew and was enjoying having just violated my space.

I say nothing and go back to typing, and I guess she goes back to her desk at some point.
WOMAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO TOUCH ME?! As a woman you should know that the belly can be more private than private parts, especially since we live our lives trying to pretend we don’t have one! And right now, no amount of sucking it in is EVER going to make a difference!

So, peoples, on behalf of pregnant women everywhere, please apply this rule: Please keep your hands to yourself, unless you and I are married, direct family, or close friends. (Or you have consent – preferably written – from the mama).

Thank you.


3 Responses to Public Property?

  1. wintersamar says:

    Got it. Will not touch your belly :)

    I totally agree…I wouldn’t be comfortable with someone touching my belly either.

  2. halasaleh1 says:

    Thanks Samar! ;) If you ask nicely I might let you give it a shot.

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