Slacking Off Productively

So I don’t have anything urgent to work on (at least not urgent to my current, sleepy state of mind), and I’m committing the ultimate job-related sin: I’M READING STUFF OFF THE INTERNET THAT DOESN’T CONTRIBUTE TO MY JOB-RELATED SKILL SET.
On the other hand, I guess it does contribute to making me a more well-rounded person, which can also be an asset at work? (I don’t really need help getting any more well-rounded right now, that’s just happening on its own thank you very much unborn child). 

While browsing, I found this: Space Invaders: Why you should never, every use two spaces after a period.

I totally agree. Two spaces is a waste of typographical real estate, and is ANNOYING (just like words that are typed in all-caps).

In other news, I must be growing an world-class eating champion inside of me, since for the first 7 hours of the day it takes all the strength I have to prevent myself from attacking the closest source of food (fridge, pantry, vending machine, store) and consuming everything and anything in sight!

In other baby-related news, Mr. Big Brother seems to be a lot more accepting of the idea that we’re going to be giving him (well forcing him to tolerate) a sibling…

I think it might have to do with the fact that we kind of told him that after the baby comes we will be able to travel again? I.e. “We can’t go on the airplane now, but maybe after the baby comes!”
Translation in Big Brother’s mind: “Mama pops baby out, we grab it, get in our car, and go straight to the airport and use our TICKETS to ride the AIRPLANE!”

I think I have some explaining to do…

Later slackers (ok maybe it’s just me).


2 Responses to Slacking Off Productively

  1. Karwan says:

    My boss does the “two spaces after a full stop” thing all the time; it’s super-annoying. And I always used to correct it in our manuscript proofs without telling him. Then one day we were doing corrections together and he noticed me doing it and laughed at me saying I’m so OCD about some things.

  2. halasaleh1 says:

    I’m so OCD about most things, so we’re in the same boat, friend! :)

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