Good Manners are Bad

7 a.m, still dark outside, still sleepy-eyed. Standing in the kitchen; coffee for me, not sure about breakfast for the little man, who’s been awake since 6:15 on a Saturday.

Running towards the kitchen, words spilling out of his mouth before he even arrives, “Mama, can I pleeeeeeeeeeeease have a piece of cake?” (i.e. banana bread)
Smiling, “For breakfast?”
Smiling right back at me, “Yeah :)”
“Sure, why not? As long as you eat pineapple and drink some milk with it, too.”
“OK! Tank you!”, running back towards the couch, jumping back on to watch TV.
“Good job asking nicely, mister!”

Taking my time, still in the kitchen.

“Mama!”, running back towards the kitchen.
“Yes?”, thinking he must be getting impatient.
“Good manners are bad.”
“Good manners are bad, ‘cuz I trick you with good manners!”
I can’t help but laugh – at least for a couple minutes.

The smile slowly fades as I realize the gravity of what he’s just said. The little #@^! is totally right, and he knows it.


3 Responses to Good Manners are Bad

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  2. rodney says:

    hahahaha………yeah, but he slipped up by showing you his cards. Next time you won’t be bluffed so easily. Give him time though, he will learn ;)

  3. wintersamar says:

    This made me laugh hard! He is sooooo right! Oh, wisdom from little people! Gotta love it!

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