Don’t be on the verge of getting a cold, and then decide you are going to go outside in freezing temperatures for a 7 mile run, pretend you are going to bundle up, proceed to take off one of your top layers, running in ONLY a light shirt and intermittent gloves, (and running bottoms of course, definitely not bare on the bottom, that would be disgusting and cruel to the world), then act all surprised when your cold gets worse and the sinus headaches threaten to pop one of your eyes out of your head.


I need some drugs.

Oh wait, I’M PREGNANT.
I.e., I can’t take drugs without feeling like I’m going to cause science to discover some undiscovered and totally random birth defect related to taking tylenol (or looking at it) during pregnancy.


2 Responses to Dumb.

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  2. Karwan says:

    Oh no! Hope you get well soon.

    I must admit I was a bit tempted to go for my ‘short run’ of this week this evening in the outdoors as it’s not *that* cold out but I think I will stick to the gym this evening.

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