No words, stories, funny anecdotes, or work-life balance complaints seem relevant or appropriate in this time of change and revolution.
Never had I imagined things would move in this direction. Never had I imagined us to break out of what felt like chronic complacency, apathy, and inaction. The promise of change impregnates the air these days with the latest events in the Middle East, and I watch from afar, breathless.

A long road lies ahead, and I wonder if we will have the strength and vision to follow that road, and subsequently handle the consequences of our decisions. It won’t be easy, and will mean breaking out of habits and force-fed social and political definitions and constructs.

For now, however, let us celebrate the release of the Arab voice, a voice that longs for the freedom and power to choose how to live. A voice that has been pent up for generations, but has decided to make itself heard.

Ya sawti dallak tayer


3 Responses to Change

  1. rodney says:


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  3. wintersamar says:

    It’s such a great time to be able to watch this change.

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