Is Mubarak For Real?

Sitting at my desk at work, choppy online connection to Al-Jazeera live, where I’m trying to catch what Hosni Mubarak is saying.

Someone tell me – am I right? Is he saying he will NOT step down? Is he trying to placate people by setting an “us against them” position? What does this all mean?

I wish I could be in front of a TV screen right now, watching this without having to keep refreshing the stream on my computer. I wish I could be with my family, and friends, and hold hands and collective breath together as we watch what the heroic people of Egypt will do next.

Dear Egypt: You have carried this revolution so far, for this long, and my heart is with each and every one of you who stands for real change in your and all of our countries and regimes. You are an inspiration to ALL of us right now, not only in the Middle East, but all people everywhere who have ever tasted the bitterness of oppression.

I cannot ask you to continue your fight, since I am not the one suffering the consequences (at least not directly). What I can do is hope. I can and do hope, with all my heart and being, that you will carry this torch and show the rest of us how it’s done.

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