In which I foolishly disclose more than I should

So, it’s that time again. Time for me to take concrete steps towards getting this rear-end whipped back into shape. Any by concrete steps, I mean signing up for this race in April.

Shouldn’t you keep that a secret, you say, in case you end up falling short of your lofty goal? Shouldn’t you, Ms. Halistic, especially in light of your work schedule, the erratic and highly unpredictable sleep “schedule” (word used very loosely here) of your 8 month-old infant, and the sheer exhaustion you suffer especially on the nights/days when your husband has class in addition to work, and doesn’t walk through the door until after 10:30 pm?

Wise words, I say. Wise. Words. Still, my answer is NO! No, because today, I am making you a part of this. Yes, you are now accountable for me reaching this goal of mine, and I will hold you to it!

Typically, I would have no trouble motivating myself to wake up in the early morning hours while most of the world is still sleeping, and pound the roads until I OWNED them (or more accurately, until I pwned them awww yeah). These are not typical times though (see above for more details), and so I need your help. By letting you in on my plan, I am effectively putting a risk mitigation plan in place.

Deep breath, hold it, hold it, hold it, aaaand exhaaaaale. Here we go.

This morning I was able to get in a short run. At this point I’m trying to simply do whatever I can before starting my 9 week training program for the half marathon. Training starts in 4 days, with a plan I got from In parallel, I’m working on experimenting with barefoot (or almost barefoot) running via my brand-spankin’ new Vibram Five Fingers.

I became interested in barefoot running about 2 years ago, after reading Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. I was fascinated by the theory, his experiences, and the people he profiled as part of his running journey. I became so taken by the idea that I strapped on a pair of almost-zero support, worn-out Puma H-Streets and went for an enthusiastic 7-miler.

Ouch. My calves/shins/legs had never experienced pain that like before. There were parts of my legs that I had never even felt before, and muscles that were so sore that it hurt to shift in my chair, let alone walk or climb/descend a flight of stairs (and at the time, we lived on the 3rd floor of a building with NO elevator).

Long story short, I recently decided to go back to my experimentation with barefoot running, because if you know me, you know that contrary to what most reasonably intelligent people would do, when I find something that challenges me and causes me PAIN, I run TOWARDS it instead of AWAY from it. Yet even my masochistic self does not desire the level of pain I felt for the 2 weeks following my stupid Puma experiment, and so I’ve decided to take it slow.

Here, I’ll say it again, since I can see the disbelief in your eyes. I am TAKING IT SLOW with the barefoot running. This morning, I ran only 1 mile in them, then made myself switch to my regular running shoes. SEE?!?!? You didn’t think I could do it, but I did!

Here’s what the view looked like this morning for that first mile:

Mile #1

I have to say, that first mile today was exhilarating. My legs and feet definitely felt it the rest of the day, although it wasn’t as much pain as it was the kind of delicious soreness you feel after putting in a good effort. Yum. My legs feel ALIVE.

Here are today’s stats, just for reference

Vibram mileage: 1
Total mileage: 4.25

And now I shall go to bed, which is the real test for the soreness effect since I’ll know A LOT more about the damage I did when I wake up tomorrow morning!


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