Cake! Cookies! And Green Smoothies?

As I attempt to up my activity level in preparation for the April half-marathon I told you all about last time, my body’s natural reaction is panic: Need! Calories! Bake! Carbs! Now!
So, obviously, I make excuses like “Oh poor husband, he was at work all day and then in class until 10:30 pm, I’ll bake him a cake as a surprise!” But of course, I have to find a way to lighten up the recipe, and friends, I DID! I am sharing this recipe with you because as a non-chocolate fan, this was one “light” chocolate cake recipe that is worth sharing.

First some visual context:

Chocolate Cake

Moist, light, and NOT SWEET – just right.

Ok, yes, I had some, but let’s be honest. I bake for other people’s happiness, smiles, and the occasional hug.

In actuality, I am on a bit of a health kick, and trying to get some more of those great dark leafy greens, healthy vegetables, and other “real” foods bursting with vitamins and antioxidants (I sound like an infomercial). Here is what was for breakfast (and snack) yesterday:

This was my second green smoothie since I set the be-more-healthy (and stop eating my kids’ leftover snacks) intention, and I LOVED it. It contained avocado, cilantro, spinach, kale, cucumber, blueberries, apple, banana, lemon, water, and a tiny bit of protein powder. I actually FELT healthy all day long.

The next day, and in preparation for Big Z’s arrival in the SLC (brother visiting us for a couple days!), I decided to double my batch of hazelnut-butter chocolate chip cookies. Here we go:

Saturday morning, I continued in my quest for additional mileage. Things weren’t going my way at first so I wasn’t able to get out as early as I would have liked to, and I almost gave up on the whole thing. Then I pushed myself to go, knowing that I always end up feeling better once I’m out there, and I did! No vibrams this time, as it was all on-road running, and I’m not ready to hit the pavement/asphalt with no support yet. Baby steps :)

Daily vibram mileage: 0
Total Daily mileage: 5.8

Recipes to follow soon!


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