Long Weekends, Small Victories, and Lessons Learned

Long weekends are a time for reconnecting – with family, friends, the kitchen, and To-Do lists.
In addition to all of the above, this past long weekend ended up  being a test of patience for me personally, and from it came an unplanned and unexpected opportunity to learn a little bit more about my limits.
As in, how far you can push me before I start to break down. 

Seeing this weekend’s version of myself was…educational, and I am determined to use it as an opportunity to improve. I am not proud of my inability to deal with clutter – physical “stuff”-type clutter, idea clutter, speech clutter, emotional clutter.  I also know, especially now that I have two children, a 50-hour plus workweek, and this annoying need to sleep more than 4 hours a night, that I need to let go of my tendency to want to control every.little.thing.

Dishes can’t always be 100% clean and out of the way, floors and countertops and in between cabinets and appliances and corners can’t always be scrubbed and shiny, clothes can’t always be laundered and beautifully pressed as soon as they hit the hamper, spills can’t always be prevented, and children can’t always be 100% squeaky-clean. 
(Even as I’m typing these words my brain is going “WHAT?!! THEY CAN’T?!?! AND WHY NOT, HUH HUH HUH?!?!? You’re just not trying hard enough. Hey, change is a process, and I’m working on it!)

Sometimes life throws a wrench in your plans and messes with your head to teach you a lesson, and show you that you’re not really boss. Thanks, life.

Even with all the chaos, I did have a few small victories this weekend.
I was able to get in a run on Saturday, and it was one of those runs that just feels RIGHT. I then hauled the two little ones to a kiddie birthday party, which is parental torture at its best, and came home to a SPOTLESS home, courtesy of my amazing sister.
Sunday I successfully pulled off a breakfast of homemade manaeesh (za’tar flatbread, which I’ll post pics of later), and a dinner of roasted leg of lamb. I wasn’t able to spend as much time with my brother (who visited for about 32 hours) as I wanted, but at least I fed him! 

Here are some pictures I took this weekend of the two most important reasons why I get up in the morning (and barely sleep at night ;) I really need to get myself a real, GROWN-UP camera, but until then, bear with me!)


3 Responses to Long Weekends, Small Victories, and Lessons Learned

  1. Hala, thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your sister is there to help out with some of the overwhelming tasks you are loaded down with.

    Love the pics. Just can’t get enough of the two boys.

    • halasaleh1 says:

      Thanks Rodney! I have to admit I can’t help but share the pics – they make me smile and I want to spread the joy! :) It’s also a conspiracy to get our friends and loved ones to come visit!

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