Amy in my pantry

In my quest for convenient, quick-to-prepare foods that both my husband and 5 year-old will eat without gagging, I have recently discovered and included the following items in our weekly rotation. I try to cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible, but some nights I’m crunched for both time and ideas, so I need to make sure to have healthy (or semi-healthy) options at hand.

To give you some context, my 5 year-old son would happily go without food (probably for days) than eat something that has a “weird” or “yucky” texture or consistency. That would include rice. And beans of any kind. See this link to get an idea of what I’m dealing with here.

However, I still maintain a steadfast determination to get my kid to eat his beans! And other food that he will need to start getting used to so that I can stop cooking meat! (If you know me you know that I don’t really like meat.)

This Sunday, on our weekly trip to the mass-production, over-consumption mecca that is Costco, I came upon some samples of Amy’s Organic Lentil and Minestrone soups that the husband actually approved of!
Half the battle was won right there in the store. I decided to purchase said box of soup cans with the hope that I would be able to devise a plan to get the master of pickiness to SOMEHOW at least try some.


Two nights ago, I was home alone with my two boys, and I decided to make dinner a low-key, comforting event by heating up one can of minestrone and one can of lentil. I hoped for no more than a couple bites/slurps of each from our 5 year-old food critic, then I thought of something…

Enter the new IT-girl (boy? I can’t tell from the shape, what do you think? ;) and superstar of kitchen appliances:

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

This baby has become my best friend. I whipped it out (excuse the choice of words, I JUST COULDN’T HELP IT) of the drawer it had been hiding in for the past couple of months, and proceeded to pulse those lentils into a smoother version of themselves.
The resulting soup was smooth, creamy, and quite pleasant even to the most critical of palates, i.e. the palate of Mr. Picky Pants.

He ate the whole bowl, along with some Greek Yogurt on top as a garnish/added protein.

Of course, he ate it claiming “I don’t very much like dis, mama, but I’m eating it because it has protein.”

THANK YOU, father of my children, for teaching this kid the virtues of protein. Unfortunately, he’s now so good at reading nutrition labels that he will question my food choices vs. just taking what I give him, like he did the other day: “But MAMA, this has TEN GRAMS OF SUGAR! Why are you giving it to me?!?!”

Love that boy.


2 Responses to Amy in my pantry

  1. boy genius. Must be something in the genes, ya think?

  2. wintersamar says:

    Haha, love that he can read labels and question your judgement about 10 grams of sugar! MashAllah! :)

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