Training Update

Quick one.

Legs not as sore as I feared they would be, so either:
1) The compression sleeves worked REALLY well after the accelerated Vibram boot camp yesterday, or
2) I am a super-bionic self-healing character in a Japanese animated cartoon show.

I vote #1.

I had planned to do some training at half-marathon pace today, but my legs were just beat, so I turned it into an “easy run” (that wasn’t that easy) day.

Tired Legs

A bit of a rough “recovery” run, but still left me proud to have dragged myself out of bed before 5 a.m. to make it happen.
On the topic of things that might or might not happen, the half-marathon I’m training for is still at jeopardy of even becoming reality. Amid a  big controversy last year regarding race vendors not getting paid, the entire organizational staff of the race resigned. New owners of the race are hopeful they will be able to get it back on track, but there is still a lot to be finalized.

Crossing fingers (and vibram-clad toes!) for you, SLC Marathon! Will keep training in the hopes that this show must go on!


2 Responses to Training Update

  1. karwan says:

    When is the half-marathon, Hala? And what time are you aiming for? I must say that I didn’t do much specific training for my first half marathon last year. I was doing my regular running and I did a few 10K races in the months running up to it. If you can run 10 miles (which I’m sure you do) then a half-marathon would be easy.

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