Reality Check + Free Fadi

Some things I learned/re-learned over the weekend:

1- Sometimes, babies will wake up in the middle of the night and cry for an hour (or 2), and no matter what you do to try and console them, IT WILL NOT WORK.
2- Sometimes, no matter how strongly you’ve made and committed to your weekend exercise/running plans, those plans get sidetracked (see point number 1 above) and you have to decide to be ok with it.
3- Sometimes, speaking out against injustice and bringing awareness to a cause will create backlash, and will polarize people who read/hear your message. (Even if it is a humanitarian, peaceful message).
4- Sometimes getting backlash is a strong reminder that you can never please everyone, and in light of that, it is even more important to stand up for what you believe in.

Free Fadi Quran.
Update on Fadi’s hearing proceedings here.


2 Responses to Reality Check + Free Fadi

  1. Right on Hala. One of my favorite quotes, “Silence is complicity”. There are powerful interest groups who want nothing more then for people to keep their mouths shut. Now is the time for us to yell out at the top of our lungs about the injustice that prevails in many countries, especially Israel.

  2. Ziyad says:

    thanks sis.

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