After thinking we’d made it through the winter of 2011-2012 without any major snow storms, one such storm came swooping in on us yesterday evening, throwing the doors to winter open with aggressive gusts of wind. The storm began right as I was leaving work and heading towards daycare to pick up Baby Z. 

Hurrying towards the car, I almost lost my footing as the wind pushed me around, showing me who was boss. Baby Z had never seen anything like it, and he panicked. Frightened baby tears and whimpers appeared, and once secured in the car with the doors closed, those whimpers turned into full-on crying.

I tried to comfort him, but couldn’t do as good of a job as my scarf, which he grabbed greedily upon my offering it to him, and promptly stuffed into his mouth to chew/suck on for comfort. He quickly fell asleep, and I watched as grass and trees turned white right in front of my eyes.


One Response to Blizzard!

  1. Whaaaaaaaaa…….breaks my heart. Now, will ya pleeze pass da sunscreen (75 in Del Mar this weekend) :)

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