Saturday 9 miler – Pikermi here I come!

I’m hoping to run my first Pikermi this coming April – after having my 2nd son last June. (Click on the link for more information, but basically a Pikermi = a Half-marathon. I love how the site in the link states “Because 13.1 miles should not be half of anything! Um, H to the ELLS YEAH!)

Go Pikermi-ers!! 

Part of getting over the hurdle of feeling like “Can I really do this? Am I CRAZY?” has been to accomplish a “long run” of more than 7 miles. Things have just been so busy and so crazy that it’s been hard to be able to get out and do any more than that distance.

Saturday, though, was a success! I got in my 9 miles, and it felt glorious.

The best part of the run was about 6.5 miles in, when my body took over and just went on auto-pilot. My hips knew exactly what they needed to do to propel my legs forward, my feet knew exactly how and where to hit the ground, my arms felt strong, and I felt light and in control.

I won’t say the run was effortless, since that is still a ways off, but I felt like I saw a glimmer of the fitter, faster, stronger me out there that morning, and I was happy to see her.

She and I even shared some birthday cake at my 5 year old’s friend’s birthday party later on that day to celebrate.

(Side note: I definitely recommend partaking in kiddie birthday party cake – the sugar high has some kind of numbing effect that takes the edge off of being in the middle of hoardes of screaming, hyper active children. You might even find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs, hair flying around your head, arms flailing away from your body as you jump on the inflatable bouncy-thingies right along with them.. Ahem.) 

Pikermi (Formerly known as Half-marathon), here I come.


2 Responses to Saturday 9 miler – Pikermi here I come!

  1. i would love to see some pics of you bouncing around in one of those inflatable bouncy-thingies.

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