Beet Mozarella Panini


It’s a concept that has been reduced almost to non-existence, a practice that has been reduced to eating heated up brown rice out of a paper cup and a side of microwaved frozen veggies. Yuck. But, when time is tight and your stomach is rumbling, you figure out how to make it work, even if it means eating like a college student all over again.

Today I had the fortune of being able to work from home, since I needed to be here for some furniture that was getting delivered. As I was typing away on my computer, the daily tummy rumbling began, and suddenly I realized: I have ingredients! I am right here in my kitchen and can whip something up that’s delicious AND nutritious, and keep working!

So, in the spirit of trying and using ingredients I don’t usually use, I looked in my pantry and saw some canned beets that I didn’t really have a plan for. Perfect candidate!

I was in the sandwich mood, so I opened up my fridge, pulled out a few other ingredients, pulled out my grill/griddle/panini press that’s been accumulating dust in the back of my cabinet, and got to work.

Here’s the result:

Beet Mozarella Panini

Here’s the recipe, in case you’re interested:

Beet-Mozarella Panini

1 Can of red beets
Your favorite bread
Handful of baby spinach
Slice of light mozarella cheese (I just used one light string cheese, which I pulled apart and put on the bread)
Couple slices of avocado
Pepporcini peppers (optional)

Heat your griddle or panini press, or, alternately, heat a skillet over medium-high heat.
Layer the cheese, spinach, beets, peppers, and avocado on your bread, and place in your panini press or skillet until bread is toasted and cheese has melted.

Bonus: I loved dipping my sandwich in a side of balsamic vinegar. It gave the perfect extra little bit of flavor.



3 Responses to Beet Mozarella Panini

  1. i hate beets. is there a yummy substitute?

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