Dishwashing Debate

“What are you doing?”
“Loading the dishwasher”
“Why are you doing the dishes twice?”
“I’m not, I’m just rinsing them off before putting them in the dishwasher.”
“What are you doing that for? That’s nuts.”
“No it’s NOT. Everyone knows you have to rinse the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher. Duh.”
“Um, no.”
“What do you mean, NO?”
“No you don’t have to rinse the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher. Plus, you’re not just rinsing them off, you’re totally washing them clean. You’re practically sterilizing them.”
“No I’m not look I’m just rinsing them off ohmaGod what is wrong with you?”
This morning, looking for a plate for N’s pancakes.
No plates in his drawer, so I open up the dishwasher.

About to pull one of his plates out, my brow furrows in confusion.

CRAP are these dishes CLEAN OR DIRTY?!?!??!

Touche, mister. Touche.


4 Responses to Dishwashing Debate

  1. i do the same thing, and will continue to do so. just make sure to not close the latch on the dishwasher until you do a load, then you will know if they have been cleaned or not.

    Another alternative….give the naysayer complete dish washing duties :)

    • Say No To Prop 10.5 says:

      So, it seems the way to know if the dishes are clean or not is not visual inspection but rather a procedural practice! This has ‘human-error’ printed all over it, Rodney :)

  2. Jeff Newbould says:

    I have actually spoken to a dishwasher repairman about this exact issue. He said pre-washing is a necessity and not an option. Over half of his service calls are do to the fact that either they took the “power scrub” too literally. He also said that most appliance salesman contribute to the myth that pre-washing is no longer needed. That being said, I do pre-wash and use the dishwasher. It justs seems more sanitary.

  3. Say No To Prop 10.5 says:

    Pre-rinsing is for one purpose only: Remove solids which will plug the dishwasher’s filter. And with a disposal, all you need is a spoon to scrub the stuff out (no running water necessary) and then dispose them (you need water for that.) Oil, grease, dry milk, yoghurt, honey, sticky sugar, juice, jam (a stretch!), creamy peanut butter, and anything that will melt and come out with soap and hot water, need not be pre-washed. Other than that, one should feel free to waste money, water, electricity, and time doing useless stuff :)

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