Weekend Miscellany

A list of random odds and ends from this weekend:
1- As you start out this week, you may find yourself afraid of the effect that one lost hour of sleep is going to have on you – you know, that hour that was just stolen away as a result of this weekend’s time change? Well, I’ve got a solution to help you with that fear..

They have NO CLUE what the time change means, and will still wake you up on 6:30 a.m on Sunday. At least mine will.

The other unintended result of having kids is that it is guaranteed to reduce all your fears to one that parents have shared for generations:
That some dumbo, oblivious to your predicament, will come by and cheerily ring your doorbell, after you FINALLY got the baby to go down for that much-resisted, yet much-needed nap.

Obviously, much-needed by YOU, not the baby.

As one wise woman said many many times over the last 5 years (ahem), “Naps were created for parents, not for children.”

2- Avocados from Costco are our newest obsession. Oh avocado, why do you tempt us so with your delectable flesh? +5 pounds for everyone in this household as we explore guacamole recipes mmmmmm.

3- Turtle: The Incredible Journey. We watched this movie over the weekend with N, and it was such a great, unexpected delight. Highly recommended.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey – Trailer from Save Our Seas Foundation on Vimeo.

3- Lazy Sundays ARE all they’re made out to be.

Usually, if I don’t get in a run on the weekend I end up mad at myself and in a generally cranky mood. (Just being honest, here, peeps.)

Today, however, I spent the morning with the kids, then when Baby Z went down for his late morning nap, I got my running gear on, headed out the door, ran aaaaall the way to the end of our road, got whipped around by some wind, decided it wasn’t worth running in windy weather, then ran aaalll the way back home.

Spent my running time taking the longest shower ever and gittin’ my hair did instead, and man did it feel good.

4- I am formally a hazard to myself in the kitchen when there are freshly sharpened knives involved. My hands will not be manicurable for the next 2 months or so.
I am so going to make band-aids the new accessory.

5- You know those people who are like the calm in the middle of the storm? The ones who are never fazed by anything, the ones who always have that serene smile on their face and walk like the world is waiting for them to arrive?

Yeah, I’m not one of those people.

Those people make me feel like I’m the tornado messing up everything in my path, running to catch up with my life before it slips through my fingers.

Those people make me remember why I need yoga.

6- Happiness is being the mother of these two boys


Baby Z drinking



One Response to Weekend Miscellany

  1. really love to read your posts, and love the addition of the boy’s pics.

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