Back in the Running II

The secret to work-life balance is to admit to yourself (and your family!) that it does not exist.

One day, the scales will tip in the favor of work. The next, they will (hopefully) tip back in the direction of life/home/family. And sometimes, when the universe does give you a little more from the life side of the equation, you have to prioritize and realize that you can’t do everything.

New personal objective:
– Stop multitasking and trying to do everything all at once. It only creates a version of you that is bursting at the seams of sanity, barely held together by flimsy threads of sometimes-awareness.

– Focus on a smaller number of achievable goals each day and each moment, and do those things really well.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and although I have been running, it’s nowhere near the amount of running I should want to be doing, especially in preparation for a half marathon. And the measly runs I was able to get in have felt forced, labored, hard.

This week though, I feel strong. I think a big part of it is getting in a long(er) run on the weekend, which sets the tone for the coming week.
After not being able to get a run in for the last couple of weekends, this weekend I came back with a strong 7 miler on Sunday. I had wanted to do 10, but this time, instead of letting myself get disappointed, I made my peace with the universe and decided: 7 is just fine. Good enough, verging on perfect even.
(Reminder: You are perfect just the way you are.)

The weather was perfect, my iPhone was loaded up with all the latest Fresh Air interviews that I needed (still need) to catch up on, and my wonderful spouse had selfishly sacrificed his planned run, staying home with our 2 little Energizer bunnies, so that I could go out and pound the pavement.

And pound the pavement I did!
I kept going and going, only turning around to come back home because I knew we had a million other things to do that day (like go here) and only very limited time.

I am a firm believer in the power of positivity – positive thoughts beget even more positive thoughts, which hopefully beget positive actions and a more positive life. Being able to get out and have that hour of solo time to reflect and get some perspective was transformative – the rest of the day turned into a positivity-fest and ended in myself, husband, 2 boys, and sisters all in a heap on the boys’ bedroom floor, laughing uncontrollably as we watched Baby Z make the transition from infant to turbo-baby.

Phew! This one moves like you wouldn’t believe – in a split second he zips from one end of the room to another, bulldozing anything that stands in between his little body and whatever it is he wants to pounce on (and probably put into his mouth) next, like:

His brother’s toothpaste


His brother (!)

Or even… His auntie’s dinner!

In other news, big brother N had some shining soccer moments this weekend, scoring a couple of awesome goals and loving the idea of being a part of a team.


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