The Stankiest Tree of them all

Spring has sprung, and with it come a multitude of these beautiful trees that bloom in full force all over the valley every March/April.


Beautiful, yes.
Fragrant, yes.
Bad, bad fragrant.
Bad like the stank of procreation.

When I first arrived in this city 2 years ago, spring was in full force and these trees were lining the streets, welcoming me with open blooms.
It was rainy and wet that week, so I had no idea what I was in for until the week after, once everything dried off.

That’s when it happened. Overnight, the city was flooded with a pungent smell that hit you like a slap in the face as you left your climate-controlled living or working quarters and ventured outside.

Seriously, a slap. In the face.

For a few days we wandered around wrinkling our noses and foreheads, asking each other at least once a day “What IS that smell?!?”

For more than a fleeting moment I thought I was smelling the creation of the next generation of babies that were to be born unto this city.

Then, in a moment of blinding, insightful genius, I figured it out.

The mystery smell, I discovered, was not evidence of rowdy locals who were just a tad over-excited about the arrival of Spring and their emergence from underneath piles of winter snow.

The unlikely culprit is this tree, the Stankiest Tree of them all, the tree that has become a welcome sign that we can put away our coats and boots, and dust off our open-toed sandals.

Hello, Spring.


2 Responses to The Stankiest Tree of them all

  1. What a pity that such a beautiful tree should smell so bad!

  2. wintersamar says:

    Hello Spring, Hala :) and stinky smell :(

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