Shards of glass

You neglect to tighten the lid on a jar, and the next time someone pulls it out of the cabinet it comes crashing down to the countertop or floor, its contents loudly announcing their escape from confinement (and your inadequate jar-closing process).

You glance down at your phone while driving to see who sent you that last text message (and maybe even read part of it, come on you know you want to it’ll be fine just this one time), then look up just in time to watch yourself slam into the car in front of you.

You decide that one nail is probably enough to keep that big framed picture up (and besides, it’s not like there’s going to be an EARTHQUAKE or anything) so you run off to do something more fun, then watch in horror as months later, someone slams a door a little too hard and the measly nail fails to live up to your expectations. 

You quickly wipe/sweep up the shattered glass of a broken plate off your kitchen floor, then get busy with life and the million things that fill the space between dinnertime and bedtime, and logical thinking takes a backseat as you procrastinate on doing a more thorough clean-up job with your vaccuum cleaner, and the next day a family member  inevitably ends up with shards of glass stuck in one of their extremities and you end up with shards of guilt stuck in your conscience.

Accidents don’t happen. They are created.


One Response to Shards of glass

  1. Nael says:

    It’s life.. We live and learn.. And we learn again… Until the same pattern is printed deeply in our brains.. Then we promise we won’t do it again. Instead we move on to our next foolish adventure…

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