Paradigm shift

April 21st.

A date that seemed sooo faaar awaaaaay when I decided to sign up for what is now going to be renamed 13.1 Miles of Public Humiliation. (A realization I came to after 8 miles on the road this Saturday left me so beat I had to climb the stairs in my house on my hands and knees. WHY IS THE LAUNDRY ROOM AALLLL THE WAY UP THERE??)

The plan was solid: I would increase my mileage over time but obviously exceed expectations and be logging up to 20 miles on the weekends.
I would be breezily and effortlessly completing my training runs during the week, turning into a lean mean running machine.
In my leftover time, I would (obviously) be practicing Mindful Parenting, and would be regularly cranking out yoga poses along with grounded, yogic energy.
Om, not entirely accurate.

A few weeks later and I am probably no fitter than I was when I decided to sign up, but heck, I am definitely a lot more humbled (and maybe realistic!)
After dealing with baby sleep issues, alleged teething, lung/ear infection triple whammy, and other daily comings and goings, I have made peace with a new mindset:

Make it through the day with kindness to yourself and others.

Do your best to reach your goals, but be forgiving if you aren’t able to.

Keep setting goals for yourself so you keep reaching higher, even if you do so at a slower pace than you would have wanted to.

Celebrate the little things.

Remember to take care of you.


One Response to Paradigm shift

  1. Michelle says:

    Dude, you can do it! You are stronger and more swift than you know! The energy of the day and the accomplishment will carry you over the finish line! Oh, and guess what else, you will actually have fun with it! Run, Hala, RUN!

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