Barefoot (almost) running milestone


4:34 a.m.
I stand, bleary-eyed and slightly disoriented, at the edge of the Chosen Treadmill.
Trying to remember how I got here, I think I can hear someone mumbling.
I look up, but the closest person is 6 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, and 4 weight machines away.

I realize, in my break-of-dawn haze, that what I’m hearing is a fight between my own Body and Brain.
So I tune in…

Body: Come on, you know you want to get back into bed! It’s way too early for this!
Brain: No! Must run! We made it all the way here, there’s no turning back now.
Body: But we haaaate the treadmill. It’s so boring.
Let’s go outside! Or back to sleep!
Brain: Negative. Too dark/damp/creepy outside. Suck it up, Body.
Body: But..
Aww come on! Pleeease can we do this another time??
Brain: Start. Running.
Body: But…
Brain: NOW!

And so began the journey of 6 vibram-clad miles – a new mileage milestone for us (us being me, my fivefingers, Body, and Brain).

The gradual mileage buildup approach has really paid off with this venture into barefoot running. No calf or foot pain today, and I think my form has just evolved to better absorb the impact.

Granted, I have only used the vibrams on the treadmill, but I’m hoping to start wearing them outside now that the weather’s getting better.

In other news, I can see the weekend peeking at me from around the corner, and I can’t wait for all that it comes with.


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