Currently Reading: Revolution 2.0

A couple of weeks ago I was out for a run, listening to a podcast of NPR’s Fresh Air where the host (Terry Gross) was interviewing Wael Ghonim, the face of the Egyptian revolution and uprising.
(You can listen to the interview, download it, and/or get a transcript here.)

During the interview, Ghonim spoke about his book, Revolution 2.0: The Power of the People Is Greater Than the People in Power: A Memoir.


I found the interview to be refreshing, and was captivated by this young man who believed so much in the need for change in his country that he was willing to risk his life for it.

The ability to mobilize hundreds and thousands of people for a common cause is awe-inspiring, and I am amazed by people who can get past the potentially crippling effect of fear and be leaders and game-changers.

I’ve never known too much about Egyptian internal politics, so reading this book is also a step for me in building my knowledge of Middle East politics that extends beyond the headlines and sound bites obtained through mass media.  

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to get a view into the circumstances behind the courageous revolution of the Egyptian people against an oppressive regime.


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