Recap of What Motivates You

A few posts ago, I asked you What Motivates You.

This was your answer.

Overall, the most votes went to Contribution and making a difference, which indicates that about two-thirds of you (67%) are out there doing what you’re doing in order to make the world a better place!

Are you?

If not, why aren’t you?

Is it because you “don’t have enough time”, or you “don’t know where to start”, or you “just don’t know enough” about something to make a difference?

Because all of that, all of the above, is untrue.

You are remarkable, you do have what it takes, and you can make a difference. Start by being true to who you are, and letting your true self shine through in everything that you do. That, in and of itself, will make a difference.

Set a goal, and achieve it. Do you find it hard to make time to achieve your personal goals after setting them? Then tell someone else about them. Be accountable.

Do you know who Bassam Tarazi is? He is the creator of a movement that has, at its core, accountability to others as the driver to achieving your goals. A fabulous concept that I highly recommend learning more about.

Read more about it here. It’s a fast read, I PROMISE.


2 Responses to Recap of What Motivates You

  1. bluecurl3 says:

    read it. most excellent. when will your book be available?

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