Away for a few days and Blast from the Past

For the next five days, I will be caught in a whirlwind of training sessions, meetings, ferry rides between New York and New Jersey, and hopefully some good food in the middle of it all somewhere.

I’ve been toying with the idea of guest bloggers on my site while I’m away, and decided Yes! This is a grand idea! Let’s do it!

Then, the genius idea developed even more as I thought to myself, Wait, I can be my own guest blogger!


Huh, you say?

This week, you will have the immense pleasure and privilege (ahem) to RE-READ posts I wrote long, long ago, and in return I promise promise promise to take a few pictures and show them to you once I’m back home.


Please take care of yourselves, love each other, and join me as I ask the universe to be gentle to my boys and their dad while I am away from them and unable to kiss them good night.

Here is a post from almost 2 years ago – hard to believe my boy has grown so much since then!


Preschooler Car Talk II

“Mama! Today we learn about crops.”

Looking in rearview mirror, brow furrowed, POSITIVE that I had heard him wrong, “Huh? Crocs?!?!”

“NO! Croooooops!”
“Oh! Crops!” Eyebrows raised, thinking he must’ve heard the word and have NO idea what it means.

“Well, then, who picks the crops from the field?” (Hah! Take that, Mr. Think-You’re-So-Smart! I threw in an extra word, too!)

“Pffffffffft.” Impatiently, and MUCH too prematurely for his age, blowing air out of his mouth and rolling his eyes.

“Mama! Crops, FARMER! You know???”

“Um. Ooookaaay.”


“Mama?” Calmer now, after having contemplated the reasons for his mama’s sorry state of ignorance.


“You go’ed to school today?”

*sigh* He’s already worried about what to fill in for ‘Mother’s Highest Level of Education’


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