Just Read: Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

This past week, I had some alone time that I spent devouring a number of books, blogs, and videos (and trying to up my ranking in search results!).
All of the above taught me stuff that lit my fire – words and advice that caused an internal revolution that’s itching to make its way out.

One of the books I read, which I encourage you to pick up and read RIGHT NOW, was Seth Godin’s Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Think about the tagline to this book.


Are you? Do you think that you are giving enough of yourself at whatever it is that you do to render you indispensable to those around you?

You might think that the answer to the above question requires you to be The Expert in your field, or the most technical, or most educated, etc etc.

Read this book and you will realize that it’s much more than having the highest level of education or skill.

Those things contribute, without a doubt. But there is a more human aspect to being indispensable, and it involves being different, standing out, being true to your own voice, and realizing that being ‘very good’ is not good enough anymore.

Reading this book, you will squirm.
You will become uncomfortable at points, and want to give in to the resistance. You will also feel a little (or big, in my case) part of you agreeing with the core message of the book, and knowing that actually, you can do and give so. much. more.

And now I will stop talking so you can start reading!


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