Slow-cooker lamb with rice

Dinner this past Sunday was one of those dinners that just begs to be shared with others. I wished that I could invite you all to dinner that night – I admit I am not one of those people that appreciates or loves lamb or really meat for that matter, but even I enjoyed this meal!
Since I can’t feed you all virtually, I can at least share the recipes and maybe one day you will attempt this yourself – your families will thank you, yum yum yum.

Here’s what dinner looked like on the plate:

Leg of lamb dinner

On the menu:
– Homemade guacamole + chips
– Green salad with tri-color bell peppers

– Slow-cooked leg of lamb
– Golden raisin apricot rice “pilaf”

Since there’s a lot to share here, let’s jump right in:
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