Big Brother

You know the role of big brother has totally kicked in when you catch something like this – totally spontaneous and unplanned (I did my best to be sneaky, but you can see at the very end where N realizes I’m there and asks “What are you doing mama?!?!?”)
(Volume on the video is really low so turn it up if you want to hear)


Since the sound quality’s not so great, let me give you the rundown:

My guess is that N was going to get a toy from his room, and knowing that I had been trying (unsuccessfully) to get Baby Z down for a nap, decides to help.

He starts singing Rock a Bye Baby, then realizes a few seconds in that he doesn’t really know the words, at which point there is some huffing and puffing/sighing action.

Giving up on the lullabye, he says “Here, Baby Z, you want me to come in … with you?” and he climbs right into the crib!
I had to stop myself from laughing out loud so the boys wouldn’t see me trying to hide and record them at the same time. So fun.

Note to self: Pay more attention to moments like these, and work harder on capturing them.
Before you know it, this will be replaced by the two of them duking it out over which one of them gets the last slice of pizza, or who gets to take the car, or *shudder* who saw that cheerleader first.

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