What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Today I realized something that I believe has the potential to create big, scary, awesome ripples in my life.

I realized that a part of getting where I am today, a part of the happiness I feel as compared to the desperation I felt almost 2 years ago, comes from changing the story I had been telling myself about my life.

2 years ago, this was the story I told myself:

I was a “victim” of circumstance.
I wasn’t smart enough, innovative enough, or talented enough to go beyond the confines of a “safe life”.
I wasn’t as financially privileged as others who were able to “make it”, and I was “stuck” in a place I didn’t want to be, where I had no friends.
I wasn’t “good at communicating” in my personal relationships.

Today, I look back and can see that the story I was telling myself became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Until I decided to turn it all around.

Until I decided to grow up and take responsibility for driving my life, instead of letting myself be driven by self-limiting beliefs.

Nowadays, the story I tell myself is light years away from the one I had crafted 2 years ago.

Nowadays, I am

grateful for the gift of family

loving the possibilities of continuous learning

amazed at the beauty of people

inspired by many to go out there and make a difference

humbled by how little I know, but hungry to learn more

Am I there yet? Have I reached the goals I am setting on a daily basis for myself (including becoming a change agent and success creator?)


But I know I’m taking the steps needed to get there, and I am so excited about waking up every single day and taking one step closer.

The shift in mindset has made me a different person, and I’m still growing, every day a little more. I wonder what kind of positivity I can attract to my life by expanding the story I tell myself even more.

And now I want to ask for your help.
I am working on content that is relevant to YOU, that serves YOU, and that helps you achieve your goals. I want to provide value to YOU.

If this resonates at all with you, I invite you to take a moment and think about these questions:

  1. What story have you been telling yourself about your life?
  2. Does that story serve you, and serve the person you want to be?
  3. What aspects of your story could you change, and what parts of your life can you learn to appreciate and see in a different light?
    (For example, instead of saying “I’m not good at communicating”, can you say “I want to learn how to communicate better because I know I can improve and create more clarity in my life”? Or, instead of saying “I’m just not good with money”, can you say “I want to focus on learning how to manage my finances better, so I can feel more in control and be smart about my financial decisions”?)

With love,



Paradigm shift

April 21st.

A date that seemed sooo faaar awaaaaay when I decided to sign up for what is now going to be renamed 13.1 Miles of Public Humiliation. (A realization I came to after 8 miles on the road this Saturday left me so beat I had to climb the stairs in my house on my hands and knees. WHY IS THE LAUNDRY ROOM AALLLL THE WAY UP THERE??)

The plan was solid: I would increase my mileage over time but obviously exceed expectations and be logging up to 20 miles on the weekends.
I would be breezily and effortlessly completing my training runs during the week, turning into a lean mean running machine.
In my leftover time, I would (obviously) be practicing Mindful Parenting, and would be regularly cranking out yoga poses along with grounded, yogic energy.
Om, not entirely accurate.

A few weeks later and I am probably no fitter than I was when I decided to sign up, but heck, I am definitely a lot more humbled (and maybe realistic!)
After dealing with baby sleep issues, alleged teething, lung/ear infection triple whammy, and other daily comings and goings, I have made peace with a new mindset:

Make it through the day with kindness to yourself and others.

Do your best to reach your goals, but be forgiving if you aren’t able to.

Keep setting goals for yourself so you keep reaching higher, even if you do so at a slower pace than you would have wanted to.

Celebrate the little things.

Remember to take care of you.

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